How do I connect a device or app to my VITALL account?

To begin, ensure that you have consented to the collection of data from devices and apps. This can be done within the Manage Account section under Consent Center. 

Next, select the additional menu options and choose “Devices.” Click on “Add a Device” and choose the brand of your device or app. From here, a new window will appear and you can follow the on screen instructions. You will need your username and password for the account associated with your device or app. Once you have completed the steps you should see the brand of your device in the “My Devices” section. This means the connection was successful. Your data will begin appearing in your account within a few hours, depending on the frequency of data collected by your device. 

If you are having difficulty connecting your device or app, submit a request here, or contact us a or 1-800-400-0361.